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Clients’ Experiences

"I would highly recommend Andy.  As a wife, I so appreciated that Andy addressed my husbands depression as something that affected our entire family.  Sometimes I was included in sessions and sometimes we communicated by text or phone.  When things came to a critical head, Andy kept my feet to the fire to make difficult decisions. Thank you Andy for guiding us through this dark time."


"I have struggled with anxiety and low self esteem most of my life.  Andy has helped me in more ways I can even say.   He has helped me to feel better about myself and have the courage to be more assertive in my life.  He looks below the surface and really lets me express myself freely.  When I struggle with hard times I know I have a nonjudgmental and compassionate support system in Andy.  I have found it difficult to find an intelligent therapist who is also down to earth but Andy is truly that.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking therapy."


"My sessions with Andy Lapides are very beneficial. He helped me navigate a difficult breakup after living with my partner for several years as well as deal with long-term issues I have with my parents. Talking with Andy, I’ve found value in myself and been getting better at coping with my anxieties. I also feel more independent and in control of my life and emotions thanks to him. He is relaxed, genuine, and works hard to guide me come to my own conclusions. Andy is an excellent therapist."


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